Designer Series

The Designer Series includes the ThermAcolour and Timberview product ranges.


ThermAcolour is a thermally improved aluminium window and door suite, developed by the desire to find new solutions in energy savings.

While aluminium is a strong, high-quality metal, it conducts heat and cold easily. In cold climates and even with double glazing, the aluminium frame can be cold enough to condense moisture on the inside glass surface.

ThermAcolour significantly improves the insulating qualities of a home by utilising thermal break technology i.e. the metal is separated using a non heat conducting material.

The beauty of separating the window or door frame into exterior and interior components is that it also provides an opportunity to colour mix and match the aluminium profiles so the outcome is dual colour.

ThermAcolour windows and doors are only available in double glazing which provides a range of benefits including:

  • Improved energy savings on heating or air conditioning
  • Reduction of condensation
  • High acoustic insulation providing a noise barrier.

ThermAcolour provides a more comfortable and durable home today which is ultimately worth more in the future.


Timberview is a window system that utilizes two materials, low maintenance aluminium and traditional timber to their full potential.  Both aluminum and cedar were chosen for their high rating in both performance and style.

Style is exhibited with the classic elegance and tradition of chunky cedar timber which make up the interior windows.  Performance comes from both the exterior aluminium, which brings low maintenance in the form of smooth profiles, and the interior cedar timber which offers a low transfer of energy.

The quality and beauty of  Timberview’s sophisticated windows and doors speaks for itself.   Ease of maintenance on the outside.  Warm beautiful timber on the inside.