Other Products

Conservatories and Porches

A carefully planned and executed conservatory will bring extra living space, warmth and light to your home—all year round.

Our conservatory suite is designed and manufactured in NZ specifically for conservatory construction.  Stronger than standard residential joinery , it provides maximum structural strength and weatherproof qualities.  We offer service through the design, building consent and construction process of your new conservatory.



Garage Door Surround

Doesn’t it make sense to be able to match the garage door surround (using an aluminium profile) with the aluminium joinery?

The garage garage door surround can perfectly colour match the aluminium joinery or the garage door. Even better, with low maintenance aluminium the reveals will no longer require painting.




If you require a wind break or some protective covering to your entrance the conservatory suite will provide the solution.




Contour Balustrading and Fencing provides huge choices these days.  Its perfect for completing balconies, decks, staircases and fencing pools.  It has a wide range of finishes and styles.

Options Include:


Pool fencing

Performance regulations can be met with glass, balustrade and aluminium fencing


Stair Balustrades

There are Framed and Frameless glass options plus powder coated metal baluster

If glass is not the preferred choice, metal balustrading can be finished using a choice of powdercoat colours, and finishes.

Installation methods vary hugely depending on where and to what the balustrading is to be installed.

Visit www.contourbalustrade.co.nz